SKF launches economical equipment condition monitoring products

Posted on January 2, 2019 at 9:00 PM

SKF has released the new Multix IMx-8 from the IMx range, which is compact and easy to use, providing sophisticated and cost-effective customized condition monitoring for a wide range of industrial applications. Gothenburg, Sweden, February 28, 2017: SKF has introduced a compact 8-channel version of its popular IMx device condition monitoring platform. Originally designed for offshore wind and marine applications, this versatile system now provides affordable equipment condition monitoring for a wider community of industrial users. While the Multilog IMx-8 8-channel unit attracts users in the mechanical and hydraulic drive applications industry, its combination of “event capture” will attract the attention of machine tool users who demand cost-effective collision detection. Unlike the series of 16- and 32-channel models, the 8-channel IMx-8 is equipped with a compact guide that conforms to the German Industrial Standard (DIN). The installation occupies only a small space in the cabinet, so it can be mounted inside the cabinet. Usually installed side by side with existing instruments. Properly configured, it can also serve space-constrained applications such as small marine propulsion pods or direct-drive wind turbines where it is often desirable to keep the instrument as close as possible to the equipment being monitored. The IMx-8 is powerful and easy to install via Ethernet. The configuration interface is based on the application, so even users with less experience can set up the system, especially for remote applications with minimal on-site maintenance. The memory of IMx-8 has increased dramatically, from 8MB to 4GB of the previous model, enabling independent monitoring and recording of large amounts of data, making data access and analysis after critical events easy. Freddy Hernandez, Product Line Manager for SKF Monitoring Systems commented: “User feedback confirms that many applications do not require the 16 channels provided by our existing Multilog IMx solution. The current IMx-8 is for rotating equipment monitoring. Providing a more compact and versatile solution that is more cost effective and has fewer online channel systems, filling a large portion of the market gap, providing new features, functionality and features not found in other products. flexibility."



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