Schaeffler's innovative ability and strategic positioning are recognized again

Posted on January 2, 2019 at 9:00 PM

Herzogenaurach, Germany, July 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Schaeffler's outstanding technical expertise, innovation and closeness to customers on the road to “efficient driving, the future” The partnership has once again won recognition. As a global technology company, Schaeffler was formally selected as a partner of the Volkswagen Group FAST project. This selection allowed Schaeffler to establish a closer strategic partnership with the world's leading automakers and to participate in project development earlier. From left to right: Michael Vetter, Global Account Manager, Schaeffler Volkswagen Group, Alfonso Sancha Garcia, Purchasing Director, Volkswagen Group Powertrain Group, Madis Chinch, CEO of Schaeffler Group Automotive, and Deputy Chief, Schaeffler Group Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer Professor Peter Guzmer Currently, the automotive industry is undergoing a transformation, and Schaeffler is actively involved in innovative products and technology solutions to drive change. In the coming decades, we will see that different types of vehicle concepts co-exist and complement each other, making an important contribution to achieving energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly transportation. In the past few decades, Schaeffler has maintained a close working relationship with the Volkswagen Group and has completed many cooperation projects in the fields of engine, gearbox and chassis. In the face of increasingly complex technologies and faster and faster development cycles, Schaeffler and the Volkswagen Group face common challenges. As a leading technology partner, Schaeffler has been conducting basic research for hybrid and pure electric drive technology for many years, offering a wide portfolio of products and comprehensive system solutions, from 48V hybrid modules to High voltage drive concepts such as electric drive axles. Under the FAST (Future Automotive Supply Tracks) project cooperation framework, Volkswagen Group will meet new challenges with suppliers. The Volkswagen Group uses the project to ensure that its key partners are involved in the product development cycle at an early stage. This means that both parties can use this to identify areas of cooperation and to conduct technology development and implementation more efficiently and quickly. A total of 60 partners, including Schaeffler, stood out from 4,000 suppliers and became a member of the FAST program. Strategic relevance, performance and innovation capabilities are key criteria in the review process. Matthias Zink, CEO of the Schaeffler Group Automotive Division, said: "We are very proud to be selected as a partner of the Volkswagen Group FAST project, which also shows Schaeffler's development in the future and the coming The more complex the driver architecture is fully prepared. In the future, the Volkswagen Group will hold at least one-on-one communication sessions each year to discuss the strategy of the Volkswagen Group with its partners to identify potential areas of cooperation.



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