NSK imported bearings should be noted when using

Posted on February 12, 2019 at 9:00 PM

1. Selection and control of shaft and NSK imported bearing chamber tolerance: After the imported bearing is pressed, it should be flexible and unblocked. If the obvious rotation is not flexible, it means that the size of the shaft is too large and the tolerance is lowered. If the imported bearing is pressed into the shaft and turned by hand, there is a clear "sand" feeling, which may be that the tolerance of the shaft is too large or the roundness of the shaft is not good. Therefore, it is necessary to control the roundness when controlling the tolerance of the shaft and the imported bearing chamber. At present, many domestic manufacturers only control the tolerance and do not control the roundness. 2, the assembly method of imported bearings: because the imported bearings are high-precision products, such as improper assembly is easy to damage the angular contact ball bearing channel, resulting in angular contact ball bearing damage. Angular contact ball bearings should have a special mold when assembling, and can not be beaten at will, only when pressing the shaft Can be stressed in a small circle, only a large circle of force when pressing a large circle. At the time of assembly, air pressure or hydraulic pressure is required. When the press-fit is performed, the upper and lower molds must be outside the horizontal state. If the tilting occurs, the inlet bearing channel may be damaged due to the force, and the imported bearing may cause a sound. 3. Prevention of assembly of foreign objects: When NSK imported bearings are loaded and balanced on the rotor, it is easy to insert the iron filings generated during dynamic balancing into the inside of the imported bearings. Therefore, it is better to balance the load before loading the bearings. In order to facilitate assembly, some manufacturers apply some oil or grease to the imported bearing chamber for lubrication. However, it is often difficult for the operator to control the amount. If oil or grease accumulates in the imported bearing chamber, the bearing is imported. It is easy to enter the inside of the inlet bearing along the shaft when turning. Imported bearing chambers It is good not to apply oil or grease. If it is not painted, it must be controlled not to accumulate in the imported bearing chamber. The service life of NSK imported bearings is closely related to manufacturing, assembly and use. It must be done at every stage to make the imported bearings in good working condition, thus extending the service life of imported bearings.



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